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Erectile Dysfunction

Over 10 Million American Men struggle with ED. If you’re experiencing difficulty in sexual arousal, take our quiz to determine if you could be one of these men.

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Low Testosterone

1 in 4 men over 30 have Low T. If you’re experiencing low energy or sex-drive, come see us or take our quiz to determine if you could be one of these men.

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Welcome to Male Therapeutics

As the leading ED Clinic in the Baltimore Area, we at Male Therapeutics specialize in addressing issues related to erectile dysfunction and men’s sexual health. We founded our clinic with a desire to help men of every age overcome setbacks in a relaxing and professional environment. Our team of Maryland licensed doctors and Urologist are experts in men’s sexual health, possessing over 50 years of experience in the field, combined. We’re dedicated to helping men in every stage of life retrieve the joy and intimacy of a healthy sex life through personalized patient care. We don’t work in favor of pharmaceutical companies; we work for you and your unique health needs.






Tired of trying medications that don’t work?

You’re not alone.

Mass-market drugs such as Viagra©, Cialis©, and Levitra© have proven to be ineffective solutions for up to 70% of patients. Among our community of experienced physicians, this is not a shocking statistic. We’ve found that this is due to the fact that every man’s sexual function is intricate and connected to several internal networks, such as the vascular system, brain, heart, and hormones. The deception in the marketplace is that well-known erectile dysfunction pills provide most men with fast and immediate relief, however this is not the case almost two thirds of time. At The Southwest Men’s Clinic, we understand this disappointment with mass-market drugs, and work to provide every patient with more personalized solutions.

Sexual health is vital to your total health.

Erectile dysfunction and other sexual health issues can often point to more threatening medical conditions. You may find that you are suffering from damaging stress, obesity, prostate concerns, diabetes, high blood pressure, strokes, heart attacks, stress, or obesity. All of these conditions can contribute to sexual frustration. Unfortunately, many all-natural supplements and ED treatments are not safe medical solutions when another condition is at place, as they can create further complications.

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At The Southwest Men’s Clinic, we do not discount these factors and are committed to considering your total health with every treatment option. All of our physicians are trained and experienced in addressing men’s sexual issues from multiple health angles. We are skilled in custom-blending medications designed to work alongside, rather than against, your other medications. We’re also proud to offer Low Testosterone (Low T) treatments, as needed. You’re in good hands when you choose the medical professionals at The Southwest Men’s Clinic. Discover a healthier way to live today!

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